Pacific Red Snapper

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West Caught Fish Company
Giacomo D’Amato Seafood

About Pacific Red Snapper

The Pacific Red Snapper is one of the most popular fishes on the West Coast because of its light and firm yet flaky texture and mild and slightly sweet taste. Caught year-round along the Pacific Coast, Pacific Red Snapper provides a good source of protein.

Market Names

Pacific Red Snapper may also be referred to by the following market names: Pacific Snapper, Pacific Rockfish, Rockfish, Rock Cod.

Many rockfish take their names from their skin color (e.g., blue, green, brown, red); generally, the brighter the coloration, the deeper-dwelling the fish. Most rockfish fillets are marketed as either red or brown. Red rock fillets, which tend to have lower oil content and, therefore, a longer shelf life, typically command a premium.