Please note that the Dory Fleet Market is a cooperative of individual fishermen. Each has their own preferred method of contact — either through their website, social links or direct line. You can contact ‘Crabby’ Steve via email or follow him on Twitter, Scott Breneman via his website or Facebook page, Giacomo D’Amato via email or telephone and the Voyatzis family directly at the market. As everyone is often out at sea, you can Subscribe to the Dory Fleet News! and receive a weekly update sent to your email, and read ‘Crabby’ Steve’s tweets for his catch-of-the day.

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You can receive the Dory Fleet News via email using the Subscription Form below.

Contact Us

Email: Crabby Steve Escobar

Twitter: DoryFleet

Scott Breneman: 949.394.1904

Website: West Caught Fish Company

Facebook: WestCaughtFishCompany

Voyatzis Fishing Fleet: 714.235.8395

Giacomo D’Amato: 949.285.2520

Email: GiacomoD’Amato

Pierre Charest: 805.698.2216


Website: SoCal Urchins