California Spiny Lobster

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‘Crabby’ Steve Escobar
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California Spiny Lobster season for commercial fishermen begins in early October and runs to mid-March.

About spiny lobsters

There are strict California Department of Fish and Wildlife rules regarding the California Spiny Lobster, especially those concerning the season and the legal size for catch. Lobsters at the Dory Fleet meet all State guidelines, for both our benefit, the consumer and the sustainability of this fishery.

Lobsters, like crab, are sold ‘live’ and should be kept alive until ready to eat. While that might not always be possible, the next best approach is to put the lobster in cold storage.

Tailing and cooking — Baja style

The meat of the lobster is found within the tail, while the legs have some, more than 90+% is found in the tail. Grabbing the tail and the non-tail section (carapace), simply twist to separate the two sections. Pull out the vein and the lobster is ready to cook. Grilling a whole lobster (with head on) makes an appealing dish, but really only takes up more grill space. For the grill — split the tail lengthwise — add some olive oil, garlic and butter!

While it depends on the size, start with cooking for about 1 minute, meat side down, which adds some nice grill marks across the meat. Flip, add more olive oil and garlic and cook for another 6 minutes, shell side down.