Where is the Dory Fleet market located?

Located at the base of the Newport beach pier. The parking is metered, but the meters don’t go into effect until 8:00am.

What time should I arrive?

Early! While the market opens at 5:30am, you can arrive at 3:30am and find the lines starting to form. The crab are often sold out by 8:00am and the fish not far behind.

New visitors arriving mid-morning sometimes complain that the market wasn’t open when in fact it had just closed a couple hours earlier. From the time we open, it only lasts a few hours before our catch is headed to some happy customer’s home or event. It may seem awfully early, but the reward is well worth the effort — set your alarm, grab a friend and start a morning with a visit to the fish market.

When is the market open?


WED-FRI 6:30am – Noon Fish Only.

SATURDAY 5:30am – Noon Crab & Seafood.

SUNDAY 5:30am – Noon

— or until sold out —

The market hours posted above are as accurate as possible. Each fishermen is independent and has their own hours based on the season, their catch and the demands of the market. It is best to come very early in the morning and while there will probably already be a line, it moves fast.

Will you store my fish for me while I visit the area?

We can certainly hold your purchase for the time the market is open, but we’re not open all day and hours may vary depending on whether we sell out. Talk with each fishermen individually regarding your needs and more than likely a workable solution is available.

What will you have available at the market, can I find out in advance?

Our catch is seasonal, but we can guarantee the market will be full of a variety of seafood. To find out in advance you need to visit our fishermen page and the individual contact method posted. Some will accept calls, but remember we’re out on the ocean very early and don’t know the day’s catch until it’s been caught.

You can follow ‘Crabby’ Steve on Twitter or Facebook or your best bet is to subscribe to the Dory Fleet News and get the catch-of-the-day info delivered to your email every Friday. Steve posts to Twitter on his way back into shore.

You can visit Scott Breneman on the web at West Caught Fish Company, or contact him at: 949.394.1904

Which line should I be in?

Once the market opens, the lines move fast. Come early, but don’t be discouraged if a long line already has formed. To speed up the process, the line on the left is for ‘crabs’. The ‘fish’ line is on the right.

Will you clean my fish?

Yes, please ask us. We’d be happy to clean and fillet your purchase.

Is parking free?

There are metered spaces but the meters don’t go into effect until 8:00am. The market opens at 5:30am and is more than often sold out before noon. You shouldn’t need to pay for parking unless you expect to stay in the area after 8:00am — if so, bring some quarters.

Can I reserve or place an advanced order?

Please check with each individual fisherman as to their policy for accepting pre-orders.